Meet Malik, The First Son of Ibrahim Chatta Whom He had With Olayinka Solomon (Photos)‎

Ibrahim Chatta is a Nigerian actor, singer, songwriter, movie director, and producer, he has a handsome son, Malik, who is also his first child.

Nollywood Actor, Ibrahim-Chatta

Chatta was born on the 13th of October, 1970 in Lekki, Lagos State. Despite not having much educational knowledge, Chatta became a gem to reckon with in the Nollywood industry.

Ibrahim Chatta Son

Malik Chatta

Malik Chatta is the first son and first child of Nollywood actor and producer Ibrahim Chatta and Nigerian actress, Olayinka Solomon. Malik was born on the 18th of February, 2008 in Lagos State.

Ibrahim Chatta is in his third marriage. His first marriage was to a Yoruba actress Olayinka Solomon popularly known as ‘Ogo mushin’. Olayinka is also married to someone else.

Olayinka Solomon

The union between the two movie stars led to the birth of Malik but things turned apart between them and they decided to go separate ways.

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