“Ha, Who Give Anty Ramota Beeer Bayi”– Viral Video Of Anty Ramota Getting Drunnk After Taking Beeer Trend On Social Media

Anty Ramota was seen in a new video sipping beer despite and she is already intoxicated when she just started taking the beer.

The funny part of the video is that Anty Ramota is Already drunk even before taking 1cm of the beer.

The question many of them are asking is which will Aunty Ramonta use to work when she finally over herself with beer.

See social media reaction below;

Atinukeaolat wrote: Aunty Ramota you never drink beer, you dey behave one kin 🤣🤣🤣🤣, I beg no go near alcohol o…. But jejely dey enjoy Life

Best_intimate wrote: Why take beer, aunty Ramota? Abort mission o 🥺

Rachymiami wrote: See her mouth like my great grandmother mouth, aunty Ramota o😂

Micheal_king_09 wrote: Shey una want make this aunty high ni

Yeyeoooge wrote: Person wey dey high b4, dem con give am beer again… abeg wey teeth wey she wan take chop all this goat head Abi wetin be dis one?

Gbadegeshinoloriseyi wrote: You never drink beer ogba dey ring on your head yaa ogba go plenty like omi Okun ni

Shadem_xx wrote: Person wey no dey okay before….u still carry green bottle give her ..toor😂

Jaencrowny wrote: Chilling fr ma Auntyramota 😍much love frm Ghana

Taiwofunmi wrote: Hmmmm, @auntyramota__authentic , you never drink beer 🍺 or alcohol 🍺you dey para, sofry sofry oo aunty.💐💐💐 one life, aye kan lo wa.

Tsaintboy wrote: Na two hand Aunty Ramota take carry beer lol is it too big for her to use one hand carry or what?

Dare_ytjwalker wrote: Una sha won make we dey drink Gold Berg leave trophy for non reason, Una mind no go touch ground aje 😂

See her post below;

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