Forgotten singer, Lyta opens up on being ignored by many celebrities

Nigerian singer, Lyta has opened up on the pain of being shunned by most celebrities and colleagues, speaks on working on himself.

This is coming after the singer was spotted in a recent video that surfaced online performing at a local event in an undisclosed location.

Lyta noted that he has a good relationship with everyone in the industry but everyone will only pay attention to any artist that is trending.

He hasn’t been able to get in touch with any of his godfathers recently to discuss some significant PR about himself, even though he doesn’t know if he upset any of them.

Lyta asserted that he doesn’t know how to call people out on social media and even though he has no idea why he is being constantly ignored, perhaps they are attempting to impart a few valuable life lessons to him.

He acknowledged that he is working on himself so as to bring their attention to himself.


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