“Father-daughter bond, too adorable!” – Video trends as Adekunle Gold and his daughter Deja communicate with Yoruba language (Watch Video)‎

A video capturing lovely moment of Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Adekunle Gold Kosoko and his daughter, Deja, has warmed many hearts online.

Adekunle Gold, who recently released his debut single ‘The life I chose’, could be seen conversing in his native Yoruba dialect with Deja, showcasing the strong bond between the father and daughter.

In the clip, the music star asked his daughter to call out her name in Yoruba language. He asks, “Kini Oruko e? translating into English, “What’s your name?”

Deja responded, “Oruko mi ni Deja Morewa Kosoko’ meaning “My name is Deja Morewa Kosoko”.

The highligh of the video was the way the 3-year-old girl spoke Yoruba with phonetics, stirring reactions among social media users.

Watch the video below:

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