Miller Rheez talks about his future on a short interview session with tuneloaded

The fast rising upcoming act talks about his future, record deal and new hits on an interview session with the DBN team Nigeria;

Fast rising afro pop/ hip hop rap artiste miller rheez a.k.a the humble lion has made his voice heard pertaining his new record deal with consolarse music and wether he’d finally left switch ghang entertainment.
when asked about his experience while under switch ghang entertainment;

” its a pleasure being signed under a label where everyone feels safe and free. you know, aside being artistes, we see ourselves as our brother’s keeper. like, it was awesome being under the label, trying to bring the best out of every member of the label as well as the label itself, face challenges and conquer them together and stuffs like that. it was nice being with everyone there. but, i shouldn’t be misquoted o. i still work with the same guys, you know. switch9 and chattu we still work together. things just changed cus i had to, and we had to move ahead. the plan is, we make it big and remember the hood. switchghang stands for all of us as we stand for switch ghang”

The fantasy crooner also spoke about his new record deal with the consolarse music under consolarse company.

”signing a year record deal with the consolarse music ? i think its a form of moving ahead. even if its not the biggest record label in Naija. i just feel, its another step towards greatness. consolarse music have been cool with me and we’ll still be together until june 2018. But extending my contract with the body, i can’t tell for now cus nobody knows how tomorrow will look like. so all i’ve got to do is prove my worth, work hard, stay abreast with the game and the crew with others like flashy, emmy and the rest of them whom seem to be doing just good on their works.”

he was also asked about his songs and wether or not he is planning a new one after the long silence from his side

”making new songs has never been a problem from my side. well, the long silence is as a result of some personal factors with me and my label. But for sure, the bounce back will be special, i promise.. my EP comes forth All For All [a4a]”

when asked the kind of rythms we will be expecting from his Ep

”well em, as usual, beautiful tunes, as good as it could possibly be. afro pop, raps and RnB. I,m making a move to feature Morata grey, bless kid and former label mates. so i think with these guys, the Ep is just going to be, too awesome.. too awesome”

when asked what his greatest challenge seem to be and wether he will feature jay breez on the Ep

”well, talking about my greatest challenge, well, finance is the basic challenge i ve got, then the kind of song people are expecting from me. i think thats my greatest challenge”

Miller Rheez {A.k.A Tha Humble Lion} is an afro pop and hip hop artiste who is based in Abuja Nigeria. his passion for good music has set the pace for his being loved for the kind of songs he do with the kind of lyrics they contain.

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